We empower with web3.

We are a web3 consultancy and development lab offering a wide range of support services within the web3 space.

Our Services


Bespoke consulting and advisory services for web2 and web3 businesses.


Joint ventures and research with other web3 businesses.


Workshops and corporate training about web3 and web2-to-web3 transitions.

Transform your business with web3.

Blockchain technology enables previously unthinkable business models and has high potential to disrupt industries.


Blockchain creates trust between different entities where trust is either nonexistent or unproven. As a result, these entities are willing to engage in business dealings that involve transactions that they may not have otherwise done.


Blockchain creates an unalterable record of transactions with end-to-end encryption, which shuts out fraud and unauthorized activity. Additionally, data on the blockchain is stored across a network of computers, making it nearly impossible to hack.

Reduced costs

Blockchain’s nature also can cut costs for organizations. It creates efficiencies in processing transactions. It also reduces manual tasks such as aggregating and amending data, as well as easing reporting and auditing processes.


By eliminating intermediaries, as well as replacing remaining manual processes in transactions, blockchain can handle transactions significantly faster than conventional methods. In some cases, blockchain can handle a transaction in seconds or less.

Proprietary frameworks for web3 adoption.

We work with industry partners to create multiple frameworks for web3 adoption: W3SS, W2W3, W3SR. 

Our experiences working with Jorge Santos of Digital MZN have been nothing but the best experiences we’ve had dealing with consultants.

João Pereira

Lead designer at MBD Production


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